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About Latvia:

Latvian education acts as a springboard for a student’s bright career and equips students with adequate education. Latvian education is considered world’s most preferred education which is accepted globally. Students from almost all over the places come here for education and building their career. Latvia remarks itself as a wonderful country in terms of education due to the following reasons:

Bachelor / master and doctorate degrees are provided in English language which is accepted worldwide.
Government approved universities
Exchange semester or internship abroad
Hostel facilities
Moderate living expenses(400$/month)
Abundance of leisure activities and sports
Ordinary tuition fee

A unique feature that stands out in the case of Latvia when students need to research about study in Latvia is that the education is administered at three levels.viz. the national, municipal and institutional. The policies regarding education are formulated by the Ministry of Education and Science and the elected members of the ministry. Come and join us to get study visa in Latvia.

Academic programs for higher education are based on the fundamental and applied science. Typically, they constitute a thesis at the end of every stage whether at the bachelor’s or the master’s. Although the structure and system seems to be complex to an outsider, the system ensures a tight framework that ensures that the graduate enters the professional world with the highest degree of competency thanks to the provision of study and research in Latvia This is applicable to both levels of higher education in the country.

There is an abundance of information that is available to students when they seek information on study in Latvia. For example, although as foreign students they may have to spend for higher education, the same is absorbed by the government if they are entering the Latvian higher education system as exchange students.
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