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Malta Immigration

If you are looking to study in Europe, Malta is great country to choose. Looking forward to enjoying a great holiday and studying at the same time to secure a good career and life? Then Study in Malta would be a great pathway for settling in Malta. Malta is a vibrant country with its famous beaches, historical monuments, fantastic nightlife and many more. It is an Island country situated in the Mediterranean Sea. And it sure does promote water sports in a great deal. International students can choose from a variety of undergraduate, post graduate and PhD programs. One attractive factor is that you can study in Malta without IELTS if you can give adequate confirmation of your English dialect being atleast at intermediate level.

We at TCG will guide you each and every step for study visa as well as visitor visa in Malta.

About Malta
Although just about 316 sq.kilometers in size, Malta has had quite a tumultuous and action packed with history. Several nations and kings fought wars and tried to control it before being overthrown by the next who ruled it for a period of time. Right from when the stone age man arrived here with the British who ruled the islands for 150 years from 1814 to 1964.

Although Malta has a rich history that dates back to prehistory, it has a modern outlook and has stepped up to the times and kept pace with the world, not just in terms of overall outlook but also in terms of being hospitable to foreign students arriving in Malta for further studies. One of the unique features for students desirous of furthering their studies is that they can study in Malta without ielts if they can provide sufficient proof of their English language ability of at least being at an intermediate level.