Study in Sweden with Spouse and Children

Sweden Study Visa with Spouse and Children – Do you have nationality of Sweden and need to bring your Spouse in Sweden. So TCG Consultants can help you for Dependent Visa for Spouse with childrens.

Sweden Study Visa with Spouse and Children’s – TCG Consultants

If you are an international student aspiring to study abroad and would like to live with your spouse and children while on study visa abroad then Sweden is an excellent study abroad destination for you. Education system in Sweden is ranked as one of the best in the world and it has got top class universities and colleges. It has got attractive work rights while on study and excellent post study work opportunities.

As an international student if you are studying at a University or a University college then you may apply for the visa application of your family- spouse and children as your dependents along with your study visa application. The residence permit of your dependents would be of the same period as your study duration period. If the validity of the permit is of more than 6 months your spouse gets the work permit.

Your spouse may apply online along with your study in Sweden visa. You need to provide documentary evidence of your relationship along with verifiable documents proving that you have lived with your spouse in your home country. You also need to provide evidence that your spouse have got the maintenance funds for the duration of proposed stay in Sweden with you.

The visa processing time of the application is about 2 to 3 months as per the information available from Swedish Migration Agency if the application is made online. Online application is a faster and a convenient way of filing visa.

The good thing is that if you include all the required and necessary information at the lodgement stage then the online application may have shorter processing times. So it’s very important that your consultant fills the application form completely and attaches all the required documentation for timely processing of your visa application. Every person has got his individual circumstances so generic checklists may not work for everybody. You need to prepare documents which could satisfy the case officer that you are in a genuine relationship with your spouse and that you have lived together in your home country.

At TCG Consultants, we take utmost care to lodge complete application. We have in-depth discussions with our clients and prepare a customized checklist accordingly. We have got a fully resourced office to take care of all your study in Sweden application lodgement related needs and put all our efforts to prepare and file your application timely.

For more information, you can consult TCG Consultants Study Abroad Consultancy. Contact No. – 0172-5262020.


Sweden Study Visa with Family

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